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Tony has done an excellent job on The Murals of Lynlake project in Uptown.  He met with us to discuss the different ideas for the space and we came to the conclusion that we wanted Trompe L'Oeil murals. There are many doors down the long main corridor so the idea of having Tony paint an additional door to look just like the rest was perfect. What do you see when you open the door? How about Lake Calhoun and our beautiful Minneapolis skyline.  It turned out awesome. Thanks Tony for making our vision come to life, I hope no one tries to walk through that door!

- Lisa Aharam, Interior Designer HGTV Freestyle


Tony painted a couple of our walls, our dining room ceiling and did a design in one of our cut outís and did an amazing job!  We receive nothing but compliments on how fantastic it looks!  He is very detailed and a perfectionist ?something I wish I could have the patience for!!!  I will NEVER go through anyone else.  - Trisha , Blaine


Tony was super fast and super talented.  We gave little information, however he was able to see our vision and put it on the walls in less than 2 days.  And the price, Awesome!  We will use Tony again. 

                                            - Brenton Hayden CEO, Renters Warehouse


We love what Tony created for us!  He exceeded our expectations on this project, which were high to begin with.  He took our original picture from Venice and modified it based on additional requirements we asked for to create a fabulous mural in our wine cellar.  Anyone that comes into the cellar immediately gravitates to the mural and can't believe how beautiful it is.  It makes us feel like we are in Venice again and we couldn't be happier with Tony's work and highly recommend him to everyone.

                                                                 - Patrick and Michelle Stroh


Tony had done such an outstanding job at our new Sauk Rapids store that we had him come to two other of our stores to paint our name and logo on the inside wall.  Had many great comments from employees and customers when they come into our locations on how eye catching and attractive the painting and name looks.

- Gene Seipel, Owner Midwest Machinery CO (John Deere Dealerships)


Thomas's room is always the place to be and attracts everyone who comes to our home. He adores his piece/mural as does everyone who sees it. He is the envy of every boy in his class because of his special art. We are so glad to have met you and to now have some of your work in our home.  I also really appreciate how thoughtful you were with Thomas and the fact that you were willing to take your pic with him and talk to him. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love your work.

 - Cydne, Minnetonka


I am a lover of horses, the ocean and the mountains.  We have been undergoing a huge remodel/landscaping project in our backyard, which includes a swimming pool.  After removing sheds and fencing from one of the walls we found a bright white peeling ugly cement wall behind these structures that was just unsightly to look at.  We decided this ugly wall would be perfect for a mural if we could only find an artist that we felt comfortable with and understood what we wanted.  Alas, he transformed this ugly white wall into a beautiful mural of horses, the ocean and mountains.  Now,  each day I get to look at horses running through waves and seashells and that makes me smile really BIG!  Thanks Tony for such a wonderful mural.  ?Lisa, Bloomington


Tony painted a fantastic mural in our young sonís bed room.  I gave him the basic idea of what I was looking for, and he turned it into a masterpiece!  Rolling hills, roads and a blue sky, scattered with all sorts of construction trucks, vehicles, planes, and more have created a wonderful place for our sonís imagination to run wild.  Our son wakes up in the morning and stares up at the walls and talks all about the fun things he can see from bed.  Worth every penny!   - Dianna , Blaine


Hi Tony, I just wanted to thank you for doing such a AWESOME job on our walls, you really do NICE work.  Thanks again and it was nice to meet you.   - Clara , Wyoming


Tony has painted every room in my townhouse and with his help this house is now a HOME!  He came in, gave me an estimate, and was ready to start work as soon as I picked up the paint!  He did everything...he put plastic down to cover the floors, covered any dings that needed to be covered, he did the taping of the baseboards, and painted (with no drips). It looks awesome! 
Painting this place was no small chore because the walls are extremely high in the entry way with 17 steps to move around on...but he made it look like it was a piece of cake to finish.  He also added custom painting (Faux) to a couple of the walls in the living room/kitchen and in one of the bedrooms.  They turned out beautiful! 
Tony does an awesome job and I would refer his work to anyone~and have!

- Beth, Monticello


Tony, We are extremely excited about the new paint in our basement. You did an awesome job of helping us pick the right color combinations and the Faux finish is amazing. The accent wall is a perfect touch. We love that you made sure that lines between the accent wall and the adjoining walls were crisp and clean. We can't wait to have people over so we can show off your work. THANK YOU!!! We Love it.....   - Ann , Rogers


We really enjoyed Tony doing our painting for our home.  He was honest, reliable and reasonable and did an excellent job.   Thanks again Tony, I love my walls.   - Katie, Woodbury


The whole endeavor with Mr. Tony Stafki began by getting the opportunity to consider having a mural painted or getting an accent wall done in a Venetian Plaster.  At the time I had some ideas for a mural but was not ready to commit to a final design.  So I got to work on giving it more serious thought now that I knew there were possibilities. 
In the meantime, I had many walls in the house to be painted and I had a keen interest in this Venetian Plaster.  I had Tony do an accent wall in a Cranberry Venetian surrounding the fireplace and was so impressed with the results of how it provided definition to the wall, of how it brought out the veins in the marble, and of how it worked well with the woodwork, not to mention, the perfection of the job he did, that I hired him to do 3 additional walls in Venetian Plaster.  I also had him paint the adjacent walls, all of which turned out great.
While getting the Venetian Plaster and Painting done, I had many opportunities to discuss with Tony the ideas I had about an underwater/under-ice mural and within a couple of weeks, I decided to hire Tony to do the Mural.  We came up with a basic plan and as the mural took shape we worked real time on putting in the finer details.  I can say we had a lot of creative discussions, and talked a lot of crazy ideas, and settled on something appropriate, but had a lot of fun in developing it.   The whole mural took about a week to paint.
I was very impressed with Tony's work from preparation to application to cleanup.  His rates are very competitive and from a quality standpoint a real value/bargain. 
I really enjoy looking at the underwater fish mural every day and am proud to show off the venetian plaster walls and the underwater fish mural to visitors of my home. 
Many thanks for a job well done.  
- Henry, Woodbury




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