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Hello, my name is Tony Stafki.  From an early age I discovered that God had blessed me with the gift of being artistic.  Thus, I drew sketches constantly (something my younger sister now does, too) of anything from cartoon characters to wildlife.  At age twelve I caught the painting bug by watching Bob Ross on TV.  Soon I had stacks of oil-painted landscape scenes (with of course mountains and "Happy Trees").  As a teenager I took some oil and watercolor painting classes which helped me widen my skills.

Not sure yet what I wanted to do with my life (I always heard artists never made any money) I went to college where I was introduced to the world of pottery.  I soon became a Teachers Aid and was paid to load the kilns, make clay and glazes and help other students learn how to throw, carve and paint pottery.  During this time I also got to experience designing and painting theater sets.

After college I went into software engineering which I did for three years until my entire division of over fifty people were all laid-off.  I didn't want to get back into software development again so I became a "regular" painter with a Twin Cities painting company.  This job helped me learn all about wall paints, how to tape, spackle, ect.  After three years of learning this trade I decided to start my own custom painting company and bring my painting and artistic skills into harmony.  Now I earn a living for my wife and kids by doing something I truly love: creating new worlds for people with Walls of Art!

Thanks for visiting my site!

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