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Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster is an extremely popular finish and one look at a wall with this finish easily explains why.  Used in Italy for hundreds of years to repair and often replace marble this finish looks like marble because it is made of crushed marble! 


Available in polished, mirror-like smooth and old-world, textured coarse.


 -  Stucco Italiano  Authentic 100% marble & lime plaster imported from Italy.  Washable & Completely Green Product.

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Faux Finishes

Any wall can be turned into a work of art with any one of the multiple faux techniques available.  Most (but not all) are texture free and washable making faux finishes an excellent way to spice up a bathroom or kitchen as well as anywhere else in the house.  I am comfortable applying any type of faux finish to your walls including Manda Mudd.

When it comes to faux painting I believe I have a unique advantage over most painters in that I was a "regular" painter for three years.  This experience with normal painting allows me to spackle, tape and paint the base coats quickly which translates to less expensive faux prices for my customers.  Also, I believe the best faux painters are also artists.  The artistic eye is what brings faux techniques to their optimum best.

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All estimates, in-home consultations and design renderings are free.

Project pricing depends on the level of detail and paint cost.  

For every project a price is determined before the project starts.

Hello, my name is Tony Stafki.  From an early age I discovered that God had blessed me with the gift of being artistic.  Thus, I drew sketches constantly...


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